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I hate to say it--even Angelina Jolie isn't going to change that straight girl gay--or even bisexual (although I would place my bet on Angelina if anyone! You may get a late night inebriated "SORORITY FLING" out of this group but watch out for those possible nasty consequences there.AND be careful you don't get sucked into the FANTASY of this "Fling" actually becoming your soul mate! We found ourselves bright eyed and bushy tailed over a straight girl. Either they had repressed it for a long time and are NOW willing to explore it--OR they were ALWAYS willing to explore it IF the opportunity arose--and KNOCK KNOCK--here YOU are!! Don't get me wrong, there have been many a straight girl that decided they REALLY liked the other side of the rainbow -- BUT, BUT BUT that's because there has always been an OPEN aspect of their sexuality to begin with.You might want to take a GOOD, hard look at YOURSELF if you continue to pursue someone who can't fulfil ALL your needs--perhaps there may be some commitment--or self-esteem issues there to work through??It's also VERY hard when you either work with your UNREQUITED (not reciprocated) straight crush--or they are a close part of your circle of friends.

Especially if it's more than just a "crush," and you have fallen too deep for her.): 1) Your efforts to acquire a real date with that straight cutie serving you a big smile with that Café au lait at your local coffee shop actually worked!!You were correct in your assumptions and actually HELPED the "straight" girl find what she's been missing (no not decaf! ) And you guys run off and live happily ever after, sipping endless Café au laits (hopefully for free) while skipping off all high on love and caffeine into the sunset --hey, CAN happen!" Of course you DON' T when you stare back at her with utter bewilderment since only a few, short hours ago she was devouring every part of you up like you were the LAST ice cream cone on a hot, deserted island! You can be sure your cell phone number was deleted the minute you left (or was chased out, ripped jeans and underwear still in hand!) BIG CAPS FROWNY, AND PISSED OFF LINES THERE (and maybe a bit of crying) /: Yes, there is definitely something to be said of the thrill of finally capturing the HARD CATCH in the Sport of "Straight Girl fishing." BUT if you're like me --i.e.

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Hey, I'm the eternal optimist, and I say go for that BIG ' STRAIGHT' CATCH--IF that "Straight" girl is giving off some serious flirt vibes.

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